Wendy Pennington
Funny leading lady

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My award nominated short, F NEWS

Written, produced, directed and costarring yours truly, this film came by way of a independent hire to write and direct something starring our lead, Ethan Simpson. We filmed entirely outside on February 1st, 2021 in under 7 hours. The lowest of budgets and preproduction time, not to mention skeleton crew, I am tremendously proud to bring this to an award nominated ending. Watch it now!


Best Satire, Pensacola Comedy Festival 2020


Directed by Wendy Pennington. Winner of the First Glance online film festival 2019 and a London Comedy Film Festival award.

Sundance certificate

Accepted into and completed this Sundance course 2020

NOMINATED - Best Short Short  - Hang On To Your Shorts 2021


NOMINATED - Best Comedy  - Hang On To Your Shorts 2021 copy


NOMINATED - Best Actor - Rhino Comedy 2021 copy B

F NEWS Watch here: https://youtu.be/pOSiW4PPrpA

Portland Comedy Film Festival Summer 2021 Best Editing Award Finalist Black

F NEWS! Watch here: Watch here: https://youtu.be/pOSiW4PPrpA


Watch here: https://youtu.be/pOSiW4PPrpA

"F News" has been selected to it's first film festival!
Cast and crew of, "F News." 2-1-2021
Making "F News" February 1, 2021
Wendy on set, directing young actor, Ethan Simpson.
Director of the award winning short, "SERVICE ANIMAL"
On set
"Service Animal" shoot
"Service Animal" cast
"Service Animal"
"Service Animal" won best short here
"Service Animal"
Still from, "Red Dots"

Starring Wendy Pennington

Behind the scenes at, "Service Animal," shoot.

Award winning short film, directed by and starring Wendy.

Voyage Dallas interview

My company, Improv Dallas, established 2012

Sept 2021

F NEWS is accepted into the Topaz Film Festival

Join us in Dallas opening night, October 18



Aug 2021

Booked and starred in a commercial shot in Austin, TX

July 2021

  • F NEWS will air on PBS this Fall!!!

  • Improv Dallas back in person at two workshops.

  • Improv Dallas works 3 corporate events on Zoom

June 2021

F NEWS at The Lake Travis Film Festival

March 2021

"F NEWS," a short film written, produced and directed by Wendy Pennington, is wrapped and accepted into it's first film festival.


Oct 2020

Shoutout DFW Magazine Interview


Sept 2020

MPA Magazine: commercial/short film directed by Wendy Pennington

August 2020: Directed my first commercial. See below