I got my first professional acting job at The Dallas Children's theater as a teenager. After studying film, TV and commercial acting I moved to Los Angeles where I spent 14 years training and working on and off camera in the film, TV and commercial markets. My career success includes principal roles in national commercials, voiceovers, TV and film. Today I train to keep my craft sharp and I do and teach improv at my company, Improv Dallas.

February 2021
February 2021
February 2021
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FILM/TV pic 2021
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Still from the award winning satire, "Red Dots," starring Wendy Pennington
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RED DOTS, Best Satire 2020 Pensacola Festival          Starring.                         Directed by Natasha Paris

SERVICE ANIMAL, Best Film First Glance2019           Starring                          Directed by Wendy Pennington


Best Film 2017                                                                                 Starring                           Directed by Natasha Paris

RESILIENCE                                                                                      Supporting                     Directed by Paul Bojack

THE SIRENS                                                                                      Starring                            Directed by Marc Rosenzweig

HAPPINESS RUNS                                                                        Supporting                      Directed by Adam Sherman



BIG LITTLE BOSS                                                                           Series Regular               Pilot

GENERAL HOSPITAL                                                                  Recurring                         ABC / Peter Brinkerhoff, Dir.

UPFRONTS                                                                                       Recurring / I Dream of Jeannie    NICK@NITE

LITTLE WOMEN DALLAS                                                        Guest Star                         Lifetime / S2: Down In The Mud

CALIFORNIA DREAMS                                                             Recurring 12 episodes  NBC / 5th and final season

CHASE                                                                                                 Co-star                                NBC / Dermott Downs, Dir.

CROSSING JORDAN                                                                  Co-star                                NBC / Alex Zakrzewski, Dir.

PUSH NEVADA                                                                              Co-star                                 ABC / Charles McDougall, Dir.

REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER                                           Co-star spoof                  HBO

CLOVER BEND                                                                               Supporting                        Directed by Michael Vickerman

NIGHT CLASS                                                                                 Supporting                         Directed by Sheldon Wilson

SGT. BILKO                                                                                       Featured                             Directed by Jonathan Lynn


Voiceover(Click for reel)


BROTHERS AND SISTERS                                                      Principal Voice ADR-Improv    ABC / Producer Nicole Carrasco

ICY HOT "The Rant" 2019                                                      Principal                                              Gordon Gibson, Dir.

Various National and regional since 2001




COMMERCIALS - National & Regional Spots (T-Mobile, SBC, Toshiba, Taco Casa, SW Air


STAGE (reduced list)


IMPROV Dallas -Corporate Improv shows

Host and Lead Actor



Improv Dallas live shows

Host & Lead Player



Long Roads Traveled

2 Roles: Young Mom & Rachel

Del Shores, Dir., Dallas


Fool For Love


Fine ArtsTheater, N. Hollywood




2100 Square Feet, Los Angeles




Eclectic Co. Theater, NOHO, CA


A Deal, A Death, A Diner, A Dinner


Eclectic Co. Theater, NOHO, CA


High School Theater Major 4 years

Lois Logan, Dir.

TRAINING (reduced list)


The Groundlings, Improv level 1-3, 2 years, LA, CA


Dee Wallace Stone / The Acting Studio, Cold Reading, Scene Study & On-Camera, 2 years, LA, CA


Howard Fine / Howard Fine Studios, Beginning and Scene Study, 3 years


Improv Dallas, Improv in TV, Film & Commercials, 2012-Present


Dallas screen actors group, Scene study, 2012-Present


John Sarno, 2 years


Associates of Applied Arts Degree


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