Directing is something I've done since I can remember. Entertaining an audience has always been a priority.  I love gathering creative people and guiding a project to a finished product.

I've loved directing friends since I was very little when they would come to my house to ask me,

"What are we going to do today?"

Well, today, I direct film, commercials and Improv Dallas. It's so much fun to create moving images that affect an audience while collaborating with cast, crew and creatives. Having performed and taught Improv for so long, I like to keep things fun with great communication and ease. Currently I am studying in a Sundance program for film producing and directing. You can see my Time Capsule challenge, a day in June 2020, a documentary, here: "My Life in America: Living with Covid and Racism"


From 2005 to 2012 I directed scenes for actors demo reels in both Los Angeles and Dallas. Then, in 2015 I directed a TV Pilot called, "Big Little Boss." In late 2018 I directed, "Service Animal." This short film won Best Film in the First Glance Film Festival Los Angeles in 2019. It also won a London Comedy Film Festival award.

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