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I've been directing since I can remember. Really!

As a little kid, friends came to my house and asked,

"What are we doing today, Wendy?"


I started directing scenes on film, on location, in Hollywood in 2005, for actors demo reels. In 2014 I made my first short film, followed by a short web series TV pilot.


As of 2021 I have directed commercials, award winning short films and Improv Dallas live events.


Entertaining an audience has always been a priority.  I love gathering creative people and guiding a project to a finished product.

It's so much fun to create moving images that affect an audience while collaborating with cast, crew and creatives. Having performed and taught Improv for so long, I like to keep things fun with great communication and ease. Currently I am studying in a Sundance program for film producing and directing. You can see my Time Capsule challenge, a day in June 2020, a documentary, here: "My Life in America: Living with Covid and Racism"
From 2005 to 2012 I directed scenes for actors demo reels in both Los Angeles and Dallas. Then, in 2015 I directed a TV Pilot called, "Big Little Boss." In late 2018 I directed, "Service Animal." This short film won Best Film in the First Glance Film Festival Los Angeles in 2019. It also won a London Comedy Film Festival award.

Contact me here (click me).


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