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My first Feature Film Screenplay, "Blue Rondure," a suspenseful tail that takes place at a lake, is in the beginning stage of producing and getting financing. For financing inquiries, contact Wendy directly at "Rondure is a campy, genre horror that could easily end up on the SyFy channel. Its setting is perfect-- a beautiful, all American blue lake, where nothing bad should happen. Setting this in her close knit home town provides a believable lure for the intelligent, ambitious Olivia, who has been living the hectic life of a successful MD. Because this is her hometown yet she's recently returned and because of her occupation, Olivia is able to convincingly be an 'insider' and a believable fish out of water and investigator of this mystery. Finally, the plot is swiftly paced and well executed and its dialogue services the characters well and is typical of this genre." The Black List, fall 2020


It helped me obtain an acceptance into a Sundance program for film producing.

My pitch and concept for an internet commercial for a national company, was accepted. 


2019's "Red Dots," is cowritten by myself and two others with the voiceover being something I wrote in post. It won Best Satire at the Pensacola Film Festival and got this great review (click me).  


2017's 48 hour film race short, "Something Borrowed, Someone Blue," is my original storyline. We won 1st place in Dallas, TX, and screened in Paris, France, at the world winners filmapalooza competition.

2015's "Big Little Boss," was co-written with Stuart Glass. It's a fun TV pilot.



Contact me for information.

See my CoverFly profile here: Coverfly


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